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Building a company is hard. The entrepreneurs with whom we partner have done the difficult work of transforming a dream into something real. We believe in long-term, collaborative partnerships that allow them to achieve more together with us than they could on their own.

Leading operators of fast-casual restaurants and event organizers in Romania

Democratizing good coffee through the biggest coffee chain in Central & Eastern Europe

A unique combination of aviation experts and system engineering know-how enables the company to deliver innovative and flexible solutions customized for governments, police, military and many other sectors.

About Us

We are a privately held investment company with offices in Vienna and Bucharest.

Taking a long-term and hands-on approach to partnership, we provide flexible growth capital to small and mid-sized companies showing unique strengths and strong leadership.
2 to 5 milion tickets
3 to 7 years holding period
Minority interest

A different kind of investors

We are a perfect mix of successful entrepreneurs and private equity specialists. We aim to be the partner of choice for the most ambitious Founders and in the same time to offer a rewarding environment for the best investment professionals.

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